About Us

Examrat is a edtech startup with the vision of providing both best in class education to secondary schools for competitive exams and skill development of student interests.

Team Examrat

A pragmatist strategist for examrat and a part time musician. Yatharth loves to interact with users and work on the insights backed by data. Yatharth manages the operations of Examrat.

Yatharth Upadhyay

Founder & CEO

Shashwat is Co-founder and product manager, focusing on scaling the impact of Examrat. He is thrilled to be creating fun educational experiences for learners.

Shashwat Mishra

Co-Founder and Product Manager

Siddharth heads the Technical Wing of Examrat and loves to code. He is a fitness enthusiast and is fascinated by Machine Learning.

Siddharth Tripathi

Co-Founder and CTO

Sachin leads Examrat’s User research efforts and helps students, teachers, and parents who use Examrat. When he’s not on school visits with Examrat users, Sachin enjoys watching and playing cricket.

Sachin Keshri

Consumer and Market Insights Manager

Punamrita is a medical student pursuing MBBS. She is excited to work at a place that is reimagining education. Outside work Punamrita likes singing and writing.

Dr. Punamrita Tyagi

Content Creator

Ashish is passionate about Photography and illustration for mediums such as videos, books, and photos. He is responsible for making our online presence interactive.

Ashish Pandey

Creatives head

Shatabdi is the physics content creator. Currently, she’s pursuing her MBBS from Calcutta National Medical College. When she is not creating physics content, she enjoys exploring new things be it coffee flavors, books, or music.

Dr. Shatabdi Ghosh

Physics Faculty

Disha is a Dental Surgeon and makes biology easy to understand for all learners. She is interested in singing, cooking, and is a fond teacher.

Dr. Disha Jamwal

Biology Faculty

Tanya is responsible for making maths easy for learners. She has completed her graduation from B Sc Life Sciences from Zakir Hussain College, Delhi University and is pursuing her second year of Masters in Chemistry from Jamia Hamdard University, New Delhi.

Tanya Gupta

Mathematics Faculty

Chandrika Singh is the Chemistry video creator. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Biotechnology from MSRCASC, Bangalore. In her spare time, she loves singing and playing instruments.

Chandrika Singh

Chemistry Faculty


  • Enrichment of students regarding competitive exams at secondary education level.
  • To provide top notch faculty for all subjects for better learning.
  • To involve students in skill development co-curricular activities as per their interest.
  • To encourage practical knowledge life lessons among students.
  • To become most affordable educator with perfect balance of academics and co curricular activities.


  • Improving the nationwide quality of secondary school education through leveraging technology.
  • To enhance the learning curves of mass students of the nation at this early stage through best in class Research & Development.
  • Nurturing the future generations at this level and making them self sustaining leaders of tomorrow’s India.
  • Ensuring inclusivity and equitable quality education by promoting life long learning opportunities for all.
  • Examrat Learning Pvt Ltd
  • #677, 1st Floor, Suite No. 392 27th Main,
  • 13th Cross HSR Layout, Sector 1,
  • Bangalore Karnataka, India 560102
  • Phone: 080 48520206